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Headlines from The Jamaica Gleaner

Digg Front Page Chinese warships in first call at an Iran port
Pope says religion can't justify violence
Nothing for Jamaica in PM’s speech, says JLP’s Deputy Gen-Sec GordonĀ 
Study: Apple's new iPhones score big in durability
PM says her administration has passed ‘the people test’
Man drowns at Salt River beach, Clarendon
PM mentions Mario Deane in conference address but fails to elaborate
Jamaica is in a better place today, says Simpson Miller
Former PM urges govt to ditch Monarchy, ‘Imperial court’
Police culture will result in more Mario Deanes -- Deputy House speaker
PJ pays tribute to Clarke, Howard Cooke at PNP Conference
Party leader Simpson Miller arrives at PNP conference to huge applause
Control your emotions, Pastor urges at Mario Deane’s funeral service
Large turnout as PNP Conference starts
PHOTOS: ‘Justice for Mario’ -- mourners turn out early for funeral
Air Canada introduces checked-bag fee for travel to Caribbean
NEI encourages schools to listen to students
Caribbean among most vulnerable regions to climate change
Woman killed in motor vehicle collision in Manchester

Digg Front Page Pleas for patience - PM declares economic programme bearing fruits
PJ: PNP must hold firm to core values
Pet fish is big business
Many call for justice at Mario Deane funeral
Confidence on display at conference of the faithful
JLP: What of light bills, chik-V, Madam PM?
Agri ministry ensuring high-quality standards for ornamental fish trade
Edufocal does it
JTB, MBCC laud Hospitality Ja awards
Public-sector job cuts stay off the table
Change strategies offered to engineers
Entrepreneurs to get lift from PSOJ/Columbus workshop
Gov't more responsive to external partners - Tufton
We must transform or remain mediocre - Thwaites
Jamaican attorney for Arthur Guinness summit

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