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Headlines from The Jamaica Gleaner

Digg Front Page

Digg Front Page Ready for Matthew - Gov't says it's prepared for hurricane, Jamaicans urged to store water
Cops recover four guns in St James crackdown
Issa Trust gifts Sav Hospital much-needed medical supplies
Al Miller to appeal - Popular pastor flip-flops on declaration he would not contest conviction
Location a clear and present danger to many health centres
Cocoa clampdown - Disease triggers ban on transport of pods, plants
Gov't: Report all suspected cases of frosty pod rot
Zarah celebrates St Ann Bee win with a patty
Shaunti knew she'd take the Trelawny title
Angel wants to make St Mary proud
Police probing caretaker's murder at home of attorney Patrick Bailey
'Last chance' - Stakeholders warn of business, tourism fallout if crime not curbed next month
Support growing for limited state of emergency
Ja under severe weather alert from Tropical Storm 'Matthew'
Cops confident in war against MoBay thugs - We have a lot of assets, but there could always be more, says Commish
Montague: We are reaping the whirlwind - Security minister cites social decay as he outlines response to St James violence
Time runs out for Garvey - Petition fails to garner required signature total
Henry proposes clean slate ahead of new road traffic law
Stress on cops - MoBay violence a strain on lawmen's families
Cops want residents' help

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