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Headlines from The Jamaica Gleaner

Digg Front Page Ganja seized in Westmoreland, 4 arrested
Grade four students exceed target for mastery of literacy
Forex: J$118.15 to one US dollar
Mourinho to keep an eye on Hector
Law strengthened to fight illicit narcotics trade
UPDATE: 'Zeeks' son under police guard at hospital
US under pressure to accept more Syrian refugees
Water-borne illnesses under control — Health Ministry
'Zeeks' son shot downtown
JUTC extends special summer fare
Second MOCA cop charged in money-soliciting case 
PHOTOS: Fraser-Pryce wins 100m Diamond League title in Zurich 
Nicaragua won't be taken lightly – Hector
Criminal probe into Powell, Simpson dropped in Italy 
Regional economies remain fragile and uneven – IMF
Pastor killed in St Andrew identified as former gang leader’s brother 
Elaine Thompson joins 100m action in Zurich
Strange man sleeps on police barracks, puts on police gear then seeks firearm 
Five shot in St Elizabeth, two farmers dead
J’can attempts to smuggle cocaine in bra, arrested at Fort Lauderdale airport
Antigua to admit Dominica students to public schools
Man found in Ja after 1994 US attack back in Massachusetts
Online prayer for the day

Digg Front Page Young and broke - Election funds scarce for rookie MPs, caretakers
Jamaica to Push Venezuela for Petrojam upgrade
Chinese businesses get support despite calls for boycott
Mair resigns
Jamaicans getting brighter! - Grade four literacy targets exceeded, boys' performance improves
Thwaites fears drought may close some institutions - 200 water tanks to be disbursed
Education ministry to implement initiatives for new school year
$4m fine for possession, trafficking cocaine
Pryce could face sternest test of his political career
Linvale's bloom fades, Comrades want him out
Be warned! - MoBay Chamber of Commerce and Industry tells Chinese to shape up or face a boycott
'I am not anti-poor' - Chuck explains 'buy them out' proposal
Revive Operation Pride to grow economy - Buchanan
Comprehensive reform critical to fixing health sector
VIDEO: 'Miracle child' - Miss Universe Jamaica 2015 Sharlene Radlein
Milk River Hotel & Spa to get upgrade
Mile Gully looks to community tourism as bauxite mining nears
'Audit Southern Parks & Markets' - Shaw calls for probe, warns of lepto outbreak because of garbage pile-up
Buy them out! Chuck wants poorer Jamaicans removed from lands with rich potential
Thou knoweth not - Pickersgill unaware of rivers in Manchester; Shaw rebuked for Bible quotation

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