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Headlines from The Jamaica Gleaner

Digg Front Page Five CARICOM countries eligible to participate in US work programmes
Two dead, several injured  in Temple Hall crash
Elton John, David Furnish marry in England
Cop shot dead in Florida
St Lucia PM responds to death threats
US customs officials remind Caribbean travellers of currency declaration
Trinidad's Prime Minister seeks to bring back hanging
Muhammad Ali hospitalized with pneumonia
Jamaica's Anti-Doping Agency takes control of own accounts
"Black lives matter," say protesters at Mall of America rally
French police kill 'Allahu Akbar' attacker
UPDATE - Gunman kills two NY police officers in Brooklyn
One New York cop dead in shooting, second critical
UPDATE: Wanted man shot dead at wake
Bill Cosby's silence may be his best defence

Digg Front Page Tricks or treats? Some Christmas promotions might just be too good to be true
Home at last! Man facing life sentence because of judge's error finally freed
Grouping for a cause - Civil-society agencies defend their relevance
15 magical minutes - Children treasure once-a-year visit with their imprisoned fathers
Goat money - More than a curry dish or mannish water
Polio: A hidden part of Jamaican history
Mapping crime - Police testing new computer programme to keep track of criminality
Money stalls Marcus house - Government and occupants still to negotiate relocation amount
New oil frontier
Doctors, nurses on call - Hope for a brighter future in ailing health sector
Mixed fortunes for NPTAJ - Much success this year but several challenges remain for parents and teachers
Our right ... Our freedom ... Let's celebrate
New executive director for press body

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